#100ActiveDays is about HEALTH

Improve your health and fitness the fun way!

#100ActiveDays is about HAPPINESS

Be active every day and experience more positive emotion!

#100ActiveDays is about POSITIVE HABITS

Make being active every day a habit!

Download our App (coming soon) for extra motivation!

#100ActiveDays is about DELAYED GRATIFICATION

Hard work precedes great rewards!

Make it official and receive your finisher t-shirt!

#100ActiveDays is about CHALLENGE

Choose from three levels of challenge... 

1. 100:100 = 100 active days in 100 consecutive days

2. X:100 = maximum active days out of 100

3. 100:X  = minimum  days it takes for 100 active days


#100ActiveDays is about COMMUNITY

Share your progress and inspire others!

#100ActiveDays is about YOU!

"It is the smallest things that will change your life in the greatest ways"

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